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  • News Fuser 2020 Backstage Pass Kicks Off

    Lots of DLC through the end of the year

    Fuser dropped earlier this month, and we were absolutely blown away by how impressive the title was. Offering an incredible toolkit, Fuser empowers even those with no musical talent to craft masterpieces out of major artists' music. One of our biggest fears, though, was there wouldn't be a consistent pipeline...

  • Review Fuser (PS4) - A Bold New Frontier for Rhythm Games

    A real banger

    Harmonix, through the years, has carved out a huge niche as the head of the rhythm game movement. One of, if not the only constant for music games, Harmonix has created an impressive array of revolutionary titles. Starting with Frequency and Amplitude, running through the Guitar Hero and Rock Band craze, and Audica last year, we now...

  • News PS5's Controller Can Be Used as a Microphone for Rock Band 4

    All your existing gear should be good

    Rock Band 4, and all of its accessories and DLC, is playable on the PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility, and here’s an interesting quirk: you can use the DualSense controller as a microphone. Obviously it’s not the recommended way to play, and you’ll be able to connect any USB microphone to the...

  • News FUSER Mixes Billie Eilish with Lizzo for A DJ Experience on PS4, Coming Later This Year

    Bad Guy

    FUSER is the next video game from Rock Band developer Harmonix, but instead of the instrument in your hands making all the music, it'll be the turn of the computer and a DJ deck. Coming to PlayStation 4 towards the end of 2020, it's a title all about remixing the world's most popular songs. Check out the announcement trailer above for more...

  • Mini Review Audica - Harmonix's PSVR Rhythm Game Is Right on Target

    Rock n' roll is king

    PlayStation VR isn’t hurting for good experiences, but it’s time to throw another on the stack. Rhythm kings Harmonix are back with Audica, a VR music experience where you shoot at notes as they fly towards you. While its gameplay may be more comparable to the Persona dancing games, the gameplay loop is every bit as...

  • News Virtual Reality Rhythm Shooter Audica Is Out Today with Four PSVR Exclusive Songs

    Dance, monkey, dance

    Harmonix has been absent from PlayStation 4 for a few years, but today marks its grand return. The studio that brought us the likes of Amplitude and Rock Band has turned its hand to virtual reality with Audica, and it's out right now on PSVR. If you're not aware, it's a game that's all about blasting targets in time with the...

  • News Audica Swaps Beat Saber's Blades for Guns on PSVR Later This Year

    Check out these guns

    Harmonix is making a return to PlayStation in the form of its new VR game, Audica. Announced earlier in the year, the rhythm shooter has now been confirmed for PSVR over on the PlayStation Blog. The above teaser doesn't reveal much, but in simple terms, this looks to play similarly to Beat Saber -- only instead of hitting...

  • News Harmonix Announces VR Rhythm Shooter Audica

    Mic drop

    Have you been wondering what Rock Band studio Harmonix has been up to lately? The developer has been awfully quiet for a while, but today it announced its brand new game. It's called Audica, and it's a virtual reality rhythm shooter. Using dual pistols, you'll be firing at various targets in time to the music, and it looks pretty cool...

  • News Archer Is Entering the Danger Zone in Rock Band 4

    No, really

    Yeah, we're just as bemused as you are. Sterling Archer, the egotistical agent from animated TV comedy Archer, will soon be a playable character in Rock Band 4. The cocky spy will naturally arrive alongside Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone as part of the game's March content update. So... That's that, we suppose. Feel free to shout out your...

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    Review Harmonix Music VR


    As part of the launch lineup for Sony's PlayStation VR headset, there are a wealth of games, alongside some less interactive experiences. In between each of these is Harmonix Music VR, which fits neither bracket. The package boasts several different types of experience for you to mess around with. All of them involve playing music and...

  • News Harmonix Shares Its Plans for the Future of Rock Band 4 at PAX East

    Groove to the music

    Rhythm game mainstays Harmonix had a panel on the final day of PAX East. During this panel, the dev outlined its plans for the future of Rock Band 4. There were several smaller announcements, as well as one bombshell reveal: online multiplayer will at last be arriving for the full-band rhythm game. While no firm release date...

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    Review Amplitude

    Blast from the past

    Before the musical camaraderie of Rock Band and before the introduction of plastic instruments with Guitar Hero, Harmonix was making a very different kind of rhythm game. The developer has long been a master of this genre, with a history on PlayStation stretching back to 2001 with the release of FreQuency on PS2. Its 2003...

  • News Amplitude Brings the Beat Back on 5th January

    Sound of the underground

    Cult PlayStation 2 classic Amplitude will finally return in rebooted form on the PlayStation 4 this 5th January. You may recall Harmonix crowd funding this revival – well, it's finally ready for release. The title will include "high-fidelity visuals, new songs, and a sci-fi narrative" all set to the title's trance-inducing...

  • News Most of Rock Band 4's Legacy DLC Delayed in Europe

    Bum note

    European PlayStation players haven't had the best relationship with Sony in recent times, mainly due to late Store Updates and PlayStation Plus releases. Now, they have another reason to be mad, as EU Rock Band 4 owners can't seem to access over half of the Legacy DLC that launched last week – despite all of the DLC being available on...

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    Review Rock Band 4

    I'll be Bach

    Admit it, we've been through it: that one phase in our lives where we've picked up a guitar and even considered playing it. A couple of shaky renditions of Smoke on the Water later and it's been quickly discarded in favour of our next "thing" that for God's sake isn't just a phase, Mum. Most people have also picked up Guitar Hero or...

  • Round Up Rock Band 4 PS4 Reviews Play a Blinder


    Plastic instruments are back, and Rock Band 4 is the first to blink. The first entry in the series since 2010, Harmonix is bringing the band together for one last gig. Boasting backward compatibility with most old kit and downloadable content, this title promises a potential setlist of over 1,500 songs out of the box. But the big question is:...

  • News Rock Band 4 Legacy Controllers Won't Require Extra Hardware on PS4

    Unlike elsewhere

    Here's a nice little bonus: you'll be able to save a bit of cash by buying Rock Band 4 on the PlayStation 4. While developer Harmonix is working with Mad Catz to produce a brand new batch of instruments for the forthcoming musical foray, it's also been busy beavering away on compatibility with most PlayStation 3 peripherals, too...

  • News PlayStation Plus Members Can Score Free Rock Band 4 Songs

    But only if you pre-order from the PlayStation Store

    Despite its reliance on physical peripherals, Rock Band 4 is probably the kind of game that you'll want stored on your PlayStation 4 hard drive at all times. There's good news for PlayStation Plus members, then, as pre-ordering the release digitally in North America will grant you access to...

  • E3 2015 Harmonix Shows Off Rock Band 4's Box Art, Says to Stay Tuned to E3

    Rock on

    We're running out of time, folks. In mere hours Push Square's offices will have been thrown into pure madness. This year's E3 is looking to be especially busy, with developers increasingly keen on releasing snippets of news earlier than they're supposed to. Thanks a lot, guys. Seriously, though, E3 is keeping us pretty busy right now...

  • News Rock Band 4 Aims to Make Plastic Instruments on PS4 Fun Again

    The Killers! Avenged Sevenfold! Fleetwood Mac!

    You may have heard the Rumours regarding Rock Band 4's track list, but Harmonix has confirmed the first six songs that will launch alongside the PlayStation 4 title this fall. There's a bit of something for everyone here, from the clavinet-led 'You Make Loving Fun' by Fleetwood Mac to The Killers'...

  • First Impressions Bringing the Beat Back with Amplitude on PS4

    Music to our ears

    We'll forever remember the original Amplitude on the PlayStation 2 for one major reason: it forced us to listen to Slipknot, Papa Roach, and pseudo-religious group P.O.D. While they may not be the happiest memories, however, Harmonix's mix of WipEout and bad licensed music does still hold a special place in this author's heart, to...

  • News Rock Band 4 Brings the Band Back Together on PS4 This Year

    Amped up

    Where there's smoke, there's fire – and there's been a Victorian-style smog wafting out of Massachusetts-based developer Harmonix of late. It's no surprise, then, that it's announced that Rock Band 4 is in production for the PlayStation 4, and is set to release later this year. It'll feature all of the tracks from previous versions, and,...

  • News Amplitude Pumps Up the Volume in New Gameplay Trailer

    Bring the beat back

    Ah, the eternal conundrum: how do you make a game accessible to casual players without sacrificing the depth for hardcore fans? Amplitude thinks that it's found the solution in the form of Team Play, with this brand new trailer including the first ever footage of the title's 2v2 and 3v1 gameplay modes. The results are, er,...

  • Rumour Rock Band's Shredding a Path to PS4

    Plug in, baby

    The rumour that refuses to die has been amplified overnight, as Bloomberg reports that a new Rock Band is in production for the PlayStation 4. An anonymous person "familiar with the plan" told the reputable source that Harmonix is planning to re-launch its party property on Sony's next-gen system, which follows the arrival of new...

  • News Rock Band Reboots with Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys DLC This Week

    R U Sure?

    Dust off those putrid plastic instruments: Rock Band is back. We're not referring to a sequel, of course – not yet, anyway – but brand new DLC for the series, which brings an end to an incredible 21 month hiatus. Harmonix famously stopped supporting Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz almost two years ago, but, like a rockstar that's run...

  • News Amplitude Pumps Up the Volume in Fresh PS4 Footage

    Insane lanes

    Harmonix may have had to take the concept to Kickstarter, but a true PlayStation classic is making a comeback next year. Amplitude may not have sold gangbusters, but it wheedled its way into the hearts and minds of Sony fans on the PlayStation 2 – and this forthcoming PlayStation 4 reboot is sure to bring back a few fond memories...

  • News Amplitude HD Pumps Up PS4's Volume in March 2015

    Kickstarter campaign succeeds in closing hours

    We sincerely hope that Rock Band developer Harmonix is considering remixing B*Witched’s classic Rollercoaster for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 exclusive Amplitude HD, because the title’s gone through a few emotional corkscrews over the past couple of

  • News At Least Insomniac Wants a New Amplitude to Get Made

    Love letter

    Insomniac Games may have temporarily switched system allegiances, but that doesn’t mean that it’s done with PlayStation entirely. Writing on its official blog, the developer has issued a rallying cry to its fans, encouraging them to give Harmonix’s flagging Kickstarter campaign one final push. Regular readers

  • News PS2 Classic Amplitude Could Be Making a Comeback on PS4

    You need to fund it first, though

    While the likes of Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band Unplugged have offered permutations on the Amplitude formula, the original Harmonix developed PlayStation 2 exclusive remains the very best version of the controller-based rhythm format. Fortunately, the franchise could be making a comeback on the PlayStation 4 and...

  • News Rock Band Could Yet Make a Racket on Your PS4

    Who loves rock-'n'-roll?

    Much like Aztec Bars and Panda Pops, Harmonix’s once popular Rock Band franchise appealed to a particular period. With plastic peripherals filling out store shelves like other products didn’t exist, the music game bubble was loud like a Rancid record. However, as with any boy band, the craze quickly came to an end,...

  • News Rock Band Blitz Rocks Onto PSN 28th August

    Rock and roll star

    Harmonix has announced that Rock Band Blitz will be ready to rock the PlayStation Network on 28th August. But don't worry about dusting off that plastic guitar just yet — the downloadable game is played with nothing more than your DualShock. The familiar lanes are all there, only you'll be tapping buttons to beat instead,...

  • News Rock Band Blitz Looks a Little Bit Like This

    Drumroll, please

    Now you know about Rock Band Blitz, we bet you’re biting your nails in anticipation for some footage of the game in action aren’t you? Well, stop. Look, like we told you – the PSN download’s a lot like Frequency and Amplitude. This trailer pretty much proves it, with plenty of note highways and instrument blocks on display...

  • News Rock Band Blitz Unplugs for PlayStation Network

    Not a plastic peripheral in sight

    Before there was Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there was a brilliant PS2 title named Frequency. The rhythm game served as a precursor for the plastic peripheral revolution that dominated the early days of PS3, challenging you to beat match using the DualShock controller. Frequency made a return on PSP in 2009, under...

  • News Harmonix Accidentally Outs Unannounced PlayStation Network Title

    With the death of the plastic instrument genre still ringing in Harmonix's ears, the Rock Band developer has accidentally revealed that its latest project is for PlayStation Network

    Senior designer Brian Chan outed the news in his resume — though other than the project's existence, details are unsurprisingly scarce. The studio said in a statement...

  • News Harmonix Feels More Rhythm

    Harmonix, legendary creature and fabled former developer of the Rock Band series, has filed a trademark on its next major project

    Vidrhythm looks to follow in the footsteps of Rock Band in being a rhythm-based development. No details have yet surfaced, and nary a confirmation is to be seen of this prospective title. Harmonix had been hammering out Rock Band titles and add-ons until their sale by..

  • Rumour Harmonix to Unveil PlayStation Move Title at E3

    What do you want to see?

    Harmonix, creators of the highly acclaimed Dance Central on Kinect, have dropped a hint or two that they may unveil a new PlayStation Move title at the upcoming E3 conference in early June. The studio's vice president of product development, Greg LoPiccolo, spoke to IndustryGamers about a possible big announcement in June,...

  • News Rock Band Developers Sold For The Same Price As A Copy Of Rock Band 3

    At the time of writing, Rock Band 3 is available for $49

    96 on Amazon</a>. The game's developers, Harmonix, are worth a similar amount of dough according to a report on All Things Digital. The site details that Harmonix's independence cost investment group Columbus just $49.99. Of course, it all gets a bit complicated from there on. Harmonix's new owners assume liability including "music..

  • News Viacom To Sell Off Rock Band Developer Harmonix

    Blimey, the "plastic-instrument" genre really does appear to be dead

    Viacom's announced intent to sell off Harmonix, the developer behind the Rock Band series. No explanation was offered in the company's financial report, but it's probably partly due to Rock Band 3's poor commercial performance. The game was a critical smash, but it couldn't muster sales past the 8,000 mark when it launched here in..

  • Feature A Little Something About Rock Band 3...

    It took us a long time to get excited for the music game genre that exploded a few years back

    Guitar Hero was never our cup of tea because we didn't like the music. Rock Band seemed stupid because we'd rather be in a real rock band than a plastic one. It was the release of The Beatles: Rock Band and DJ Hero that got us to buy into the "music...

  • News PlayStation 3 Rock Band 3 Keyboard Bundle Will Not Be Available In The United States

    Eagle-eyed Rock Band 3 fans began noticing this week that the game's PlayStation 3 keyboard bundle had been pulled from numerous US retailers

    While the $130 pack is still available to pre-order on XBOX 360 and Wii, the game and keyboard are available only in separate entities on the PS3. That means the set costs $10 more than on the other platforms. Harmonix has addressed the situation by..

  • News Pro Guitar DLC For Rock Band 3 To Cost A Little Extra

    Rock Band 3 introduces a number of new features

    Keyboards, pro modes, yadda-yadda. With the game's new pro-modes, you'll essentially be using the game as a tool to learn a real instrument. In the case of pro-guitar, this will require the purchase of an entirely new peripheral. And it takes Harmonix a ton of extra time to develop. As such, yo, your DLC is going to cost a little bit more. MTV Games'..

  • News Rock Band 3 Drops October 26th, Some People Are Excited We Assume [UPDATED]

    Rock Band 3

    Yes, Rock Band 3. That's a video game (apparently). And it's not too far away — the keyboard flavoured music game is set to attack US stores this October 26th. We're going to assume some people are excited by this development. As with any new game release, there are a host of pre-order bonuses. Wal-Mart people will get a $10 e-Gift Card thing-ma-jig. Amazon gets an exclusive in-game..

  • News Dance Central Could Hit The PlayStation 3, Claim Harmonix

    Microsoft's saving grace during a lacklustre E3 was their most casual title

    Dance Central, the Kinect only groove game, has been getting rave reviews from those who checked it out during the course of E3. And it could be coming to the PlayStation 3. That's according to a report posted by Kotaku, who claim that Harmonix are considering using the PlayStation Move to bring the dance 'em up to the PS3..

  • E3 2010 Rock Band 3 Gets Blown-Out Once & For All

    That USA Today video we posted yesterday was just a taster for today's deluge of information, as the Rock Band 3 embargo has finally lifted revealing details of real Fender six-strings and The Cure

    That's right, The Cure. We were going to poo-poo all over this Rock Band 3 trailer because, honestly, we couldn't care less about it. But then "Just Like Heaven" came on, and we realised..

  • News Rock Band 3 Totally Includes A Keyboard Then, Yo

    If you've been following us on Twitter, you'll know we've had some pretty strong predictions about Rock Band 3

    We totally got the keyboard bit right. We totally got the 25 key bit right. Sadly, we were off the mark when we said the game would have light-up keys, but we were pretty close right? USA Today's just put up a preview for the game which we've embedded above. To be honest, it's Rock..

  • Rumour So Rock Band 3 Features A Keytar, Then

    Given our certainty earlier this week that Rock Band 3 would feature some form of light-up keyboard, a report from Ars Technica sounds kind of disappointing

    They're claiming that Rock Band 3 will feature a keytar. A keytar? Come on that's lame. Ars are all speculating that a new "Pro" mode will be included "that will require proper technique, and may lead to actual skills on guitar..

  • News Keyboards Headed To Rock Band 3

    If you have any interest in Green Day then you've probably checked out the demo for Green Day: Rock Band

    We're kind of hoping your interest in Green Day spans the Dookie-era and, well, only the Dookie-era. Anyway, irrelevance. What's important is the teaser image at the end of the Green Day: Rock Band demo. It shows teaser images of guitars, bass, vocals, drums and... keyboards — followed by a..

  • News Harmonix: Rock Band 3 To Be The "Next Big Leap In Music Gaming"

    What could Rock Band 3 do that's going to be so radically different? It's not E3 yet so we can't actually say, but Harmonix wants you to know that whatever they do, it'll be the "next big leap in music gaming"

    Appropriately named Dan Teasdale has blogged that "you'll be surprised just how big this game is". Apparently it's going to be a "big step forward". Going on past..

  • News Harmonix Reiterate That Rock Band 3 Will Be A Big Step Forward, Will Debut At E3

    Harmonix's CEO Alex Rigopulos has stated that Rock Band 3 will be a "big step forward" for the series when it launches later in 2010

    The exec told GameRant that gamer's can expect a big reveal at this year's E3:“Unfortunately I can’t say anything about Rock Band 3 at this point except that it’s coming this fall and it’s a big step forward for Rock Band,” said Rigopulos. “This has been a..

  • News Rock Band 3 Coming This Year, Will "Revolutionize" The Music Genre

    Harmonix's confirmed that they'll release the anticipated sequel to Rock Band 3 this year

    Speaking on their Facebook page, the company wrote:“Harmonix is developing Rock Band 3 for worldwide release this holiday season! The game, which will be published by MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts, will innovate and revolutionize the music genre once again, just as Harmonix did with the..