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  • News Gritty Strategy Game Gord Gets Dark Fantasy Gameplay Trailer


    Gord is a grimdark "adventure-strategy" game coming to PS5 on 17th August, and we got a new look at it in motion, thanks to an Xbox-flavoured gameplay trailer. We see the kind of horrors (inspired by Slavic folklore) that will inevitably assail our cheerful townsfolk once the sun goes down. The settlement management in Gord looks...

  • News Narrative Strategy RPG Gord Marches onto PS5 on 8th August

    Lock the doors, bar the gate

    Gord is a fairly unique pitch: a strategy RPG that combines city-building elements with Darkest Dungeon-esque sanity mechanics. We got a release date, too; face the darkness on 8th August, on PS5. It's one thing to save your people from the monsters (inspired by spooky Slavic horror, like The Witcher) that inhabit the...

  • News Strategy RPG Gord Brings Slavic Folktale Horror to PS5 This Summer

    Watch that sanity meter

    Gord has been confirmed for a PS5 release this summer. The dark fantasy title caught the eye last year when it was announced for a 2023 PC launch, and now it's coming to Sony's current-gen system as well. Inspired by Slavic folklore — the creepy kind — it's a horror-tinged strategy RPG where you need to keep evil at bay...