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  • Review Fluster Cluck (PlayStation 4)

    Cluck up

    The plethora of indies gracing the PlayStation 4 keep on coming, and while not every single one of them is a knockout, there have been a few stunners over the past year. To add to the ever growing list is a game with a name that isn’t afraid to play with words. Enter Cluster...Er, Fluster Cluck – a four-player competitive twin-stick...

  • E3 2014 Loot Entertainment's Fluster Cluck Gets PS4 in a Flap

    Are you chicken?

    The bizarrely disjointed nature of Sony’s corporate structure is always a source of bemusement, but this PlayStation 4 exclusive produced by Loot Entertainment is a real head scratcher. From what we can understand, the studio is a subsidiary of the Japanese giant’s disc manufacturing division – and, as previously rumoured,...