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  • Interview Flex-Fire Inventor Adam Wickam

    How to ‘flex’ up the leaderboards from the inventor himself

    We’ve been dominating the online leaderboards with Flex-Fire’s unique flexible barrel system for months now and given our own impression in our First Impressions: Flex-Fire article. But we’ve hunted down Flex-Fire’s inventor Adam Wickam and shot a few questions of our own at him...

  • First Impressions Flex-Fire

    Outperforming the Sharp Shooter?

    Has there ever been a time in your life when you thought, ‘I could do or make that better’? But what do we normally do at this point? We go on with our lives, as the thought passes on and whatever it was we thought we could do better... well, it just never comes to be. But what would happen if you actually tried...

  • News Flex-Fire: An Innovation or Fine Adjustment?

    Sharp Shooter with a twist

    It seems like we just put our hands on the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter a few days ago, but an inventor named Adam Wickam — Colorado gamer and entrepreneur — has already found a way to innovate the design of the Sharp Shooter. In our Sharp Shooter Impressions Article we noted that the controller had its strengths...