Tag: EGX 2011

  • News PlayStation Access Episode 4 Features Very Familiar Faces

    Special guest stars

    Sony's online show PlayStation Access is a good way to keep up with all the happenings in the world of PlayStation, and the most recent episode is certainly no exception. The show takes in the recent Eurogamer Expo, where PlayStation Vita was available for hands-on impressions in the UK for the very first time. But wait a second...

  • First Impressions Sound Shapes

    Shaping up nicely

    The PlayStation Vita queue at the recent Eurogamer Expo was a sight to behold: as the first opportunity for the UK public at large to play with Sony’s new handheld, two lines of people formed on either side of the demonstration area. Early in the day, nobody wanted to give poor Sound Shapes a chance, presumably many were holding...

  • First Impressions House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut


    It's no surprise to see House of the Dead: Overkill making the leap to PlayStation Move. Originally developed for Nintendo Wii, Headstrong Games' title seemed like an ideal candidate for a port from the second that PlayStation Move was announced, following similar arcade shooter efforts such as EA's Dead Space: Extraction. What is still...