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    Review Rainbow Skies

    Taste the Rainbow

    It’s taken six years for us to finally get our hands on the sequel to Rainbow Moon and thankfully the wait has been very much worth it. Rainbow Skies is bigger and better than its predecessor in pretty much every way. There's a much stronger narrative this time round and you can tell that a lot more effort has been poured into...





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    Review Lost Sea

    Not seaworthy

    Lost Sea is a top down indie roguelike with a unique visual style and retro sensibilities. Clearly, there is a danger for it to get lost in a sea of superior competitors. We'll be the first to admit that that joke was pretty obvious. But just because a joke is obvious, doesn't mean it isn't true. The title sees you playing as an...


  • Competition Win Colourful PS4 RPG Rainbow Moon

    10 codes to give away

    What waits at the end of a rainbow's arc? Not a pot of gold, but a copy of Rainbow Moon for the PlayStation 4. We've got 10 copies of Eastasiasoft's popular RPG port to giveaway, and you could be in with a chance of winning one. This competition's open to everyone, as we have plenty of European and North American codes to go...

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    Review Rainbow Moon

    Over the moon

    It's easy to be fooled by Rainbow Moon's light-hearted visuals; you'd be forgiven for thinking that the title bares more resemblance to some free-to-play mobile fancy, for example, than it does an 80 hour fantasy epic. However, underneath its fun-loving exterior, SideQuest Studios' popular adventure is just that and more. There's a...



  • News Travel Somewhere Over the Rainbow Skies Next Year

    Double rainbow

    The solo questing experience of the JRPG-inspired Rainbow Moon managed to steal our hearts when it launched on the PlayStation Vita a few years back. And to this day it's still able to enthral those late to the party, following its addition to this month's PlayStation Plus lineup. Of course, if you've already seen everything that...


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    Review Rainbow Moon

    Richer than a pot of gold

    Lore has it that leprechauns leave pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Seeking out the end of the colourful arch will bestow vast riches upon the adventurer – the reward for a dangerous and long journey, where the goal is often hidden from sight. Similar treasures can be uncovered in the PlayStation Vita port of Rainbow...


  • News Rainbow Moon Is Strolling onto the PlayStation Vita

    By popular demand

    After months of lobbying from rabid fans, Eastasiasoft has announced that its excellent SRPG Rainbow Moon is heading to the PlayStation Vita. The studio was apparently inundated with requests to port the title following the successful release of the PS3 game, giving the developer the incentive it needed to commit to the handheld...


  • News New Rainbow Moon Developer Diary Details Crafting and Loot

    Suits you

    Loot is utterly worthless if it doesn’t have an impact upon your character’s appearance, but thankfully SideQuest Studios’ upcoming Rainbow Moon has that covered. The developer has released a brand new behind-the-scenes video outlining the game’s in-depth item and crafting systems. It all looks rather meaty, doesn’t it? The game...

  • News Rainbow Moon Launch Trailer Lights Up the Sky

    Colourful comet

    There’s a delightfully retro flavour to this Rainbow Moon launch trailer. Everything from the harsh arpeggiated lead melodies right through to the lashings of reverb applied to the announcer’s vocal samples help to sell the throwback feel. The game itself looks excellent too. You’ll be able to get your hands on the old-school...

  • News Rainbow Moon Eclipses US PlayStation Store on 10th July

    One small step for PSN

    Following our previous Rainbow Moon update, there’s been much anticipation for a US release date. Thankfully, we can finally confirm that the strategy RPG will touch down in North America on 10th July. It’ll set you back a tempting $14.99. Are you planning on taking a trip to the colourful rock?

  • News PSN Exclusive Rainbow Moon Rises in July

    Over the moon

    SideQuest Studios’ hearty-looking PSN strategy RPG Rainbow Moon is set to talk tactics on 4th July in Europe, publisher Eastasiasoft has announced. The game will set you back £9.99, with a North American release scheduled soon after. If the promise of a 40-hour downloadable adventure wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping,...


  • News Rainbow Moon Brightens Up the PlayStation Store

    Blast from the past

    SideQuest Studios has finally attached a rough release window to Rainbow Moon, its upcoming PSN exclusive strategy RPG. The title is set to launch on Sony’s digital storefront in just a “few weeks”, with more details set to be revealed in the coming days. The game is heavily inspired by turn based strategy RPGs of old, and...






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