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  • Guide How to Use a PS4 Controller with Remote Play on iOS

    Use your DualShock 4 with your iPhone

    Can you use a DualShock 4 PlayStation 4 controller with iOS Remote Play? Do you have to play using the on-screen touch controls? Firmware update 6.50 introduced the ability to use the PS4's Remote Play feature with iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, if you try to use your regular controller, it...

  • News Apple Devices to Add Full PS4 Controller Support

    Part of an upcoming tvOS update

    Update: As revealed by the iOS 13 patch notes, full DualShock 4 support will be coming to iOS as well. You can learn more through here. It’s a brave new world at the minute, isn’t it? Stop and drink it in for a second: there’s going to be cross-platform support in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, bitter rivals





  • News Yes, You Can Buy a DualShock 4 Controller Worth $14,000

    Diamond encrusted pad available now

    A brand new DualShock 4 can be quite an expensive purchase. A standard black controller will cost you around $60, while limited edition versions can cost even more. If you really want to break the bank, however, you could always consider the Lux DualShock 4 from online retailer Brikk. This garish monstrosity,...


  • Guide Best PS4 Controller Deals

    DualShock 4 discounts

    What are the best deals on PS4 controllers and the DualShock 4? You’re going to need at least a couple of PlayStation 4 pads if you plan to play with pals – especially if you’ve been reading our best PS4 co-op games guide. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best PS4 controller deals around the web, so that you...



  • News Sony Surveying Gamers on the DualShock 4

    But to what end?

    There’s a really interesting survey that Sony’s sent out regarding the DualShock 4, asking all sorts of specific questions about the controller. We can confirm that (select) UK gamers have been invited to complete the questionnaire, but we’ve been unable to confirm whether the form has been shared with players in other...


  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Getting Its Own DualShock 4

    And various collector's editions

    Are you enjoying the Gran Turismo Sport demo? Sony would like to tempt you with a themed DualShock 4 controller, which is available to pre-order on Amazon right now. Essentially, this is a silver PlayStation 4 controller with the simulation racer’s logo plastered on the touchpad, but heck – it could have been...




  • News PS4 Pro Controller Still Very Much Being Considered by Sony

    "Something we continue to look at"

    Sometimes there are ideas so good that you have to steal them, and the Xbox One Elite controller is one of them. The premium pad may be pricey, but it’s proved popular among core gamers – the kind of people you’d expect to cough up for products like the PS4 Pro. But Sony’s been reluctant to offer a similar...





  • News This Battlefield 1 PS4 Controller's Pretty Rad

    Post-traumatic DualShock

    Vulpe Andrei is a console modding maniac, and to celebrate the release of Battlefield 1 this week, he just couldn't resist reconstructing his DualShock 4 with a World War I theme. The appliance architect has taken Sony's handset, and furnished it with studs, metal, and rusted buttons. It doesn't look massively comfortable to...

  • News PS4 Controller Scoring Full Native Steam Support

    Turn the Valve

    The DualShock 4 has become a popular controller option for PC players, and so Valve is adding native compatibility for the PlayStation 4 peripheral on its Steam platform. "Believe it or not, when you use the PS4 controller through the Steam API, it's exactly the same as a Steam controller," Jeff Bellinghausen said during a panel at...






  • News Sony Mods PS4 Controller for Fan with Cerebral Palsy

    For the players

    One thoughtful Sony employee has specially modified a DualShock 4 controller for a PlayStation fan with cerebral palsy. Peter Byrne contacted the platform holder after experiencing issues with the touchpad on the PlayStation 4 peripheral. Alex Nawabi, who works for PlayStation's research and development team, spent ten hours coming...





  • News Gold and Silver PS4 Controllers Revealed for Europe

    Royal variety

    Sony announced four new DualShock 4 controllers for Japan during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today, and at least two of them will be making the journey overseas. Confirmed on the European PlayStation Blog, both the Gold and Silver handsets will be making their way to SCEE territories – though there's no word on a...






  • News Take a Closer Look at the PS4's Prototype Controller

    DualShock development

    Few moments are more exciting in a gamer’s life than when a new piece of hardware leaks. As such, many of you will probably be able to recall your mood at the exact second when photographs of the PlayStation 4’s revised controller filtered out onto the web. Unfortunately, the real unit was revealed not long after this leak,...










  • News Sony: PS4 Controller Perfect for Newcomers and Expert Players

    Pass the pad

    Sony’s straddled a fine line with the DualShock 4. While the platform holder’s marketing message for the PlayStation 4 has centred on hardcore gamers, the company also wanted to construct a controller that would not intimidate newcomers. And according to group president Andrew House, the device’s less daunting elements include its...

  • Hardware Review DualShock 4 - The Best Way to Play


    A console without a controller is like a car without a steering wheel: useless. While a vehicle’s helm provides the pivotal interaction between the wheels and the road, video game systems have forever been defined by the device’s that drive them. Sony evidenced this earlier in the year when it opted to unveil its overhauled DualShock 4...

  • Talking Point Is the PS4's Controller Pushing Your Buttons?

    Perfect peripheral

    There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 comes with a number of improvements over its current generation counterpart. The system’s user interface, for starters, is much slicker than its predecessor’s – despite the implementation of multiple new features such as game profiles and live streaming. Furthermore,

  • Guide How to Save the PS4 Controller's Battery

    Prolonging the life of the DualShock 4

    While you’ll need your PlayStation 4 controller switched on during furious game sessions, you may not want it illuminated and using up battery while you’re away from the console or watching a movie. There’s a simple solution for this that can be automated by the console, allowing you to extend the life of...

  • Guide How to Turn the PS4 Controller On and Off

    Let there be light on the DualShock 4

    What good are games without a controller? Unless you’ve been spending too much time with a certain other console’s hands-free capabilities, you’re going to need to hook up the DualShock 4 to actually play some games on your PlayStation 4. But how do you turn the device on and off? Well, it’s quite...

  • Guide How to Change the PS4 Controller's Volume

    Silencing the DualShock 4

    The PlayStation 4’s controller ships with a slew of new features, but one of the more noticeable additions is the ability for games to output audio through an onboard speaker. This creates some nifty surround sound effects in titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun, but isn’t ideal for late night gaming...

  • News How Tiny Brains Is Tapping into the Power of the PS4 Controller

    New ways to play

    While much of the next generation discussion has revolved around resolution and horsepower over the past few days, it’s easy to forget that the PlayStation 4 has a few new gimmicks of its own. Many of those are embedded into the DualShock 4 controller, with the touchpad, light bar, and share button all bringing brand new...









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