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  • Live Watch the DC Fandome 2021 Livestream Right Here

    Suicide Squad! Gotham Knights! Injustice 3?

    Alright, so DC Fandome 2021 is not strictly a video game convention, so this will span the spectrum of the DC Comics multimedia empire, from comic books through to movies and everything in between. But if you want to watch, we've included the livestream below, and we know for a fact upcoming PlayStation...

  • Guide What Time Is DC FanDome 2021?

    Dates, times, and where to watch

    When is DC FanDome 2021? What are the dates and times to watch DC FanDome? Warner Bros. is getting ready to present this year's DC FanDome, a digital event in which we're brought up to date with movies, comics, shows, and of course, video games from the world of DC. So, what are the details you need to know? In this...

  • News Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights Will Return at DC Fandome This October

    WB Games providing updates on superhero games

    Last year, WB Games announced a duo of DC video games — Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights. Revealed during DC Fandome, there's been silence on both games ever since, but it appears that they're ready for another showing. The pair of titles have been confirmed as part of the...