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  • News Aragami Developer Lince Works Sadly Shuts Down in April

    Aragami, Aragami 2 aren't going anywhere

    Barcelona-based indie developer Lince Works will be closing its doors this April, the company has confirmed. The sad news broke earlier today, when the studio released a statement on its current situation. Lince Works explains: "The last couple of years have been particularly difficult as we shifted towards...

  • News Stealth Sequel Aragami 2 Delayed to Q3 2021

    For both PS5 and PS4

    We've seen absolutely nothing of Aragami 2 since it’s announcement in August of last year, so it hardly comes as a surprise that developer Lince Works needs more time to get the game into shape. Originally due to launch in the first few months of this year, the stealth sequel is now slated for Q3 2021 on PlayStation 5 and PS4...

  • News Aragami 2 Sneaks Onto PS5 and PS4 Next Year

    Three player co-op

    Developer Lince Works is working on a sequel to the fairly well-received 2016 title Aragami for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 that will expand its co-operative capabilities to three players. Aragami 2 arrives at some point in early 2021, promising more agile stealth mechanics, new combat features, and a gripping narrative...

  • News PS4 Stealth Title Aragami Sneaks Back into View with a Prequel Expansion

    Night falls

    Shadowy stealth title Aragami will soon be getting a four-chapter expansion on PlayStation 4, developer Lince Works has announced. We reviewed the game back when it launched in 2016 and rather liked it, so this announcement comes as a nice surprise. The expansion, titled Aragami: Nightfall, is set prior to the events of the main game...

  • Video Going Undercover with Aragami on PS4

    Stealth master?

    Already read our Aragami review? No? Well, click through here and check that out – we'll wait. All done? Okay, now you may be seeking some gameplay footage of Lince Works' stealth release. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Embedded above, you'll find 10 minutes captured directly from our PlayStation 4 – warts and all!

  • Review Aragami (PS4)

    Arigato, Aragami

    Aragami is a sight for sore eyes if you're a fan of the stealth genre. While we have incredible games integrating its conventions with Dishonored, Assassin's Creed, and even Wolfenstein: The New Order, they treat stealth gameplay as an equal alternative to action rather than the only realistic option. Seasoned game series like Metal...

  • News Aragami Sneaks Up and Stabs a Release Date on PS4

    Collector's edition also announced

    Cool looking stealth-'em-up Aragami will be tip-toeing onto PlayStation 4 next month, developer Lince Works has announced. Surprisingly, the game won't just be available on the PlayStation Store - you'll be able to snag a physical copy if you want, and there's even a collector's edition up for grabs. The latter...

  • Interview We Talk Stylish PS4 Steath Title Aragami with Developer Lince Works

    Shadow touched

    A stealth-'em-up with an attractive art style, Aragami was announced last month for PlayStation 4, and is due to launch later this year. Catching our eye with its debut gameplay trailer - which you can watch through here - we reckon that Barcelona based studio Lince Works could well be onto something. It's fortunate, then, that we've...

  • News Aragami Should Fill This Year's Assassin's Creed Void on PS4

    Dead quiet

    While, as fans of the franchise, we feel that Assassin's Creed has more than earned its break, there is something comforting about sneaking through an intricately rendered historical setting each Christmas. Fortunately, it looks like Aragami – an upcoming undercover adventure by Spanish indie Lince Works – may fill the void. The game...