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  • News More Publishers Pondering PS5 Game Price Hikes

    Sticker shock

    Just like 2K Sports, more publishers are pondering price hikes for their PlayStation 5 software. The speculation comes courtesy of research firm IDG Consulting, which noted in an interview with Games that game pricing has remained relatively static since 2005 – despite development costs increasing between 200 and 300 per...

  • News PS5 Games Could Cost $10 More Than PS4

    NBA 2K21 publisher comments on $69.99 price point

    Update: We asked 2K Sports whether NBA 2K21's increased price point would set a new precedent for the publisher's titles on the PlayStation 5. Here's its response: "2K’s suggested retail prices for its games are meant to represent the value being offered," an NBA 2K spokesperson said. "With nearly...

  • Guide All PS5 Rumoured Games

    Every rumoured PlayStation 5 title

    What are all PS5 rumoured games to date? It's all well and good knowing All PS5 Announced Games, but you may be eager to learn about some speculative PlayStation 5 software, too. As part of our PS5 guide, we'll be listing all rumoured PS5 games on this page. If you're looking for more specific information, you can...

  • Guide All PS5 Announced Games

    Every confirmed PlayStation 5 title

    Looking for a list of all PS5 announced games? If you're planning to purchase a PlayStation 5, you may be eager to know which titles have been confirmed for the console. As part of our PS5 guide, we'll be listing all announced PS5 games on this page. If you're looking for more specific information, you can also...

  • Guide PS5 Guide: Ultimate PlayStation 5 Resource

    A complete guide to PlayStation 5

    PS5, or PlayStation 5 as it's fully titled, is Sony's fifth home console. It's the successor to the PS4, which released in November 2013. The manufacturer is yet to announce a PS5 release date, although it has confirmed that the next-gen console will launch worldwide at some point during Holiday 2020. The company is...

  • News PlayStation Temporarily Pulls the Plug on Facebook, Instagram Advertising

    Organisations ally to put pressure on social network

    PlayStation has added its name to a growing number of brands that have temporarily ceased advertising on Facebook, as firms put pressure on the social network to reduce the amount of hate speech appearing on the platform. Juggernauts such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Starbucks, Unilever, and Honda have...

  • Guide All Free PS Plus Games in 2020

    A complete list of every 2020 PlayStation Plus game

    What are the new PS Plus games? Which free PlayStation Plus games have been given away in 2020? In this article, we'll be compiling a complete list of every 2020 PS Plus title provided as part of Sony's subscription service. This year is particularly interesting, as it should see the introduction...

  • News Sony Considering Bid for Warframe, Brink Developers

    Could buy Hong Kong-based holding company

    According to Bloomberg, Sony is considering a bid for Hong Kong-based holding company Leyou Technologies, which owns Warframe developer Digital Extremes. The group also lists Brink creator Splash Damage among its subsidiaries, and has a significant stake in support studio Certain Affinity. The multiplayer...

  • Poll Which Version of the PS5 Do You Plan to Buy?

    To physical or not to physical

    That there are two versions of the PlayStation 5 came as a bit of a shock, and it’s something we haven’t really discussed yet. Unlike what’s being rumoured for Xbox – that is two disparate models, with a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X still to be announced – Sony’s essentially unveiled two...

  • News Zion Williamson Fronts NBA 2K21 on PS5, Damian Lillard on PS4

    Third cover still to be revealed

    Update: As expected, Zion Williamson has been announced as the cover star for NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5. "His game seems built for the next-generation of NBA superstar; fittingly, a perfect choice to usher in the next-generation of sports gaming with NBA 2K21 on PS5," publisher 2K Sports announced. “Being on the...

  • News Sony's Not-So Secret New First-Party Studio Adds More Naughty Dog Talent

    Uncharted endeavour

    It’s probably the worst kept secret in the industry at the moment, but Sony has a new first-party team based in San Diego, and it’s expected to be working on the Uncharted franchise. As a reminder that the studio continues to recruit talent, Naughty Dog environment artist Zak Oliver – who most recently worked on The Last of...

  • News Snoop Dogg to Star in Madden NFL 21's Rags-to-Riches Campaign

    High school prospect to superstar

    Snoop Dogg will make a cameo in Madden NFL 21’s revised Face of the Franchise mode, which will see you work your way up from high school prospect to bonafide NFL superstar. As part of a blog post, EA Sports has revealed how the campaign will expand upon last year’s effort, as you start out playing backup...

  • News Naughty Dog Explains Why It's Excited for PS5

    It's all about that SSD again

    The Last of Us: Part II is far-and-away the most visually impressive release on the PlayStation 4 thus far, so it’s hard to imagine what Naughty Dog will be able to achieve with the new, uber-powerful PlayStation 5 hardware. Speaking as part of a podcast with Reggie Fils-Aime, vice president Neil Druckmann explained...

  • News The Last of Us 2 Director Discusses Online Vitriol

    "You just have to deal with it"

    The Last of Us: Part II, for lack of a better phrase, has pissed some people off. Whatever your opinion on the game – and you’re welcome to share your impressions in our full spoiler discussion – we’d like to hope you were able to express yourself without resorting to posting personal insults on the Internet...

  • News You Won't Need a PS Plus Subscription to Play PS4 Multiplayer This Weekend

    Free for all

    Sony is celebrating PlayStation Plus’ big 10th anniversary this week, and it wants everyone to share in the festivities. If you’re not currently a subscriber but fancy playing some PlayStation 4 online multiplayer, you’ll be able to jump into any game from 12:01AM 4th July in your local timezone through 11:59PM 5th July. This...

  • Guide PS5 Release Date: When Is PlayStation 5 Coming Out?

    Rumours regarding PS5's release date

    What is the PS5 release date? Sony's yet to confirm when PlayStation 5 is coming out, but there are no shortage of rumours regarding its launch date. As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to share the latest information on the PS5 release date, but you may also be interested in learning about the PS5 price as...

  • Guide All PS5 Launch Games

    Every PlayStation 5 game available day one

    Looking for a list of all PS5 launch games? You probably want to know which PlayStation 5 games you'll be able to buy alongside the system. As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to list all PS5 launch games. You can also find out more about the PS5 release date, PS5 pric

  • Guide PS5 Pre-Orders: Where to Buy PlayStation 5

    Best PS5 price and deals

    Are PS5 pre-orders live yet? With a PS5 release date expected Holiday 2020, you may be wondering where to buy PlayStation 5. That means you’ll probably be looking for the best PS5 price, as well as trade-in offers and launch day bundles. As part of our PS5 guide

  • Guide PS5 Price: How Much Will PlayStation 5 Cost?

    All latest PS5 pricing information

    What is the PS5 price? You're probably eager to know how much the PlayStation 5 will cost you to buy, especially if you need to save up for the next-gen system. As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to share the latest information on the PS5 price, but if you're looking for PS5 release date and

  • Random John Oliver Sketch Compares PS5 to a Penguin Designed by Apple

    Horizon Forbidden West name dropped

    PlayStation 5 hype appears to have infected even John Oliver, who mentioned the next-gen system in the latest episode Last Week Tonight. Segueing from a story about crazy crowds, Oliver suggests that “trampling” should only be allowed on Thanksgiving and “whatever day in the future the PS5 comes out”...

  • News These Are the Five Most Redeemed PS Plus Games Ever

    And the most played multiplayer titles

    As reported earlier, PlayStation Plus has handed out over 1,000 games since it debuted a decade ago, but which titles have been redeemed by the most members? An infographic released by Sony shows the most popular freebies thus far, accurate as of April 2020. They are as follows: Call of

  • News PS Plus Has Given Out Over 1,000 Free Games Since Launching

    Play time

    If you’ve been a PlayStation Plus subscriber since it launched exactly 10 years ago, then you’ll have been able to add over 1,000 games to your library over the course of the decade. The statistic comes courtesy of a Sony infographic designed to celebrate the service’s 10th anniversary, which we’ve embedded below: The platform...

  • Guide New PS5 Game Release Dates in 2020

    All 2020's upcoming PlayStation 5 launch dates

    What new PS5 game release dates are due in 2020? The PlayStation 5's first year on the market will see a limited selection of software hit store shelves, but we'll be keeping you updated with a full list of every upcoming PS5 game on this page. For more information, refer to our PS5 guide, or check out...

  • News PS Plus Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Today

    Can we expect anything special?

    While we’re all waiting for July 2020’s free PS Plus games to be confirmed, it’s perhaps worth pointing out that Sony’s subscription service will celebrate its 10th anniversary today. The Japanese giant introduced the membership model on the PlayStation 3, and it was a very different beast in its early days...