Togges (rhymes with bogies) is an imaginative puzzle platformer with a novel approach to movement. The titular creatures are cutesy cubes you can spawn in from certain points in each of the game's sizeable hub worlds. Essentially playing as a Roomba, you can move fairly freely, but you'll need to lead a connected trail of Togges to objectives if you want to complete them.

Holding R2 allows you to continually create a stream of Togges as you move, while standing still will see them stack to reach higher areas. Different coloured Togges have unique properties; red ones can transport fire, yellow ones conduct electricity, and so on. You'll need to use these abilities and bear in mind your limited supply of the little cubic characters in order to reach collectibles and find all the fruit, which is what's needed to progress.

Stages are large and open-ended, so you can explore them as you see fit. That you can only start spawning Togges at set checkpoints somewhat goes against this ethos, but a bigger issue is how the creatures aren't conducive to smooth movement. Once you come up against obstacles, navigating them while maintaining a string of Togges can be a finicky practice. It's all part of the puzzle-solving, but it just doesn't feel particularly intuitive.

The levels are creative, at least, with unique environments to explore like a medieval castle on a crescent moon, or a sprawling town atop a carrot cake. There are also more linear stages to find, and smaller islands you can fly off to, Super Mario Galaxy-style. While it makes some odd choices in its design, Togges just about wins us over with its experimental spin on platforming and no small amount of whimsical charm.