Zero Zero Zero Zero reminds us of Sound Shapes – although the latter undoubtedly has a better name. Do you remember those dastardly single-screen stages in the aforementioned PlayStation exclusive outing? This monochrome platformer is like 100 of those, each rotating randomly every time you die. And you will die – again and again.

The gameplay mechanics are simple: you collect a pill-shaped McGuffin and then take it to the exit door. Stages include all kinds of challenges, such as platforms that appear and disappear when you jump, robots that chase you down, and Pong balls that bounce around. The gameplay is a little floaty, but it generally feels okay.

And this means that you’ll have to put any errors down to your own poor judgment rather than the title’s hellish difficulty curve. It demands obscene levels of patience, but it’s moreish and satisfying once you find the “zone”. A decent soundtrack accompanies the action, while a Hardcore mode challenges you to beat as many levels as you can with one life.