While a fairly pedestrian shmup, Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo does have a couple of features that make it worth a quick look. It doesn’t hurt that the title's price -- $4.99 at launch -- is rather low, too. The most unique aspect of the game is by far the weapon system. Shmups are generally focused around pulling the trigger at the start and never letting go until you die. With SMSBST, however, you have an ammo count, and if you’re not careful, you can run out very easily. This adds a more tactical element to a usually straightforward genre. It also makes the learning curve a tad steeper than normal, but once you get yourself acclimatised, the combat becomes immensely rewarding, especially once you start buying other ships. You start with a run-of-the-mill craft launched to destroy alien invaders and asteroids while maximising your point totals.

The strongest asset at the game’s disposal is its breadth of bite-sized content. A surprisingly solid number of ships with distinct variance complement a whole mess of game modes, including a few local multiplayer options. Most of the game modes take under a minute when you first start, and as you adapt to the game’s rhythms, you’ll start going upwards of five minutes. But ultimately, what you walk away with is a game that delivers enjoyment in small, concise doses at an exceedingly low price point. You probably won’t be thinking about it later this year once all of the big games have released, but it’s still worth a bit of your time.