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Slender: The Arrival is a title that's been steadily seeing release across a variety of platforms for a while now – and the latest victim is the PlayStation 4. You may remember the game hitting the PlayStation 3 a few months ago, where it had its fair share of issues. If you need us to jog your memory, it was a really poor port job, and we recommended that anyone interested should rendezvous with Slenderman elsewhere. Fortunately, that isn't the case this time around, as the next-gen version blows its PS3 predecessor out of the water – and right into ol' Slendy's open arms.

While the last-gen offering served up a choppy, fragmented, buggy horror story, the PS4 iteration treads in a different direction in almost every area. A solid, silky smooth framerate complements a quality image complete with numerous visual improvements on top. Perhaps the one that stood out most to us was the lightning, which is better here than we've seen even on Steam. Moreover the textures and colours pop a lot more now, offering more vibrant environments for you to explore.

Slender: The Arrival Review - Screenshot 1 of

The sound design was certainly one of the most impressive aspects in the PS3 version, and that remains unchanged. The audio work is done in such a way that all of the locales come off as unnerving and creepy, even when you're merely looking at mundane scenes, such as a tent next to a river. That tent may not always be there, however, because the 'collect the pages' aspects of the game are all procedurally generated, allowing antagonist Slendy to more easily claim you for his own when you get lost.

You can read our PS3 review if you want to learn more about the overall gameplay flow, but we'll repeat here that this game can be beaten in less than an hour. This does make it a difficult sell, but the randomly generated environments make it reasonably replayable – even if you're probably not going to want to do it often.


Short of the performance and presentation improvements, this is the same survival horror game that you've probably already played. It functions fine now, and is perfectly adequate if you're in the market for a cheap and cheerful blast of terror – but don't expect much more. Small in both scope and budget, Slender: The Arrival is little more than a rest stop on the way to something bigger and better.