Don’t let its rudimentary title deceive you: action-puzzler Pig Eat Ball is a fun homage to arcade titles that develops into a surprisingly deep experience with a quirky plot. You play as Princess Bow, a young pig forced into marriage when (like any good princess) she wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. Your overall goal is to collect pearls to power your father King Cake’s space station, which is achieved by competing in contests for clams. These mini-games range from sucking up tennis balls to destroying terrain; there’s a great variety.

With its pixel art aesthetic and mobile game scoring system, Pig Eat Ball might appear little more than a time killer. Yet, after the basic introductory stages, you’ll find great level design that carefully crafts a need to think outside the box. This makes most of the puzzles a joy to figure out, though there are those that feel dissonant; while most clams work to a theme based on a new skill learned, there are puzzles scattered in that are either too easy or irrelevant, seemingly existing for the sake of padding.

Pig Eat Ball features an impressive 200+ single player stages and some ace boss battles to boot. There’s also customisation in the form of power-ups and outfits for Princess Bow, such as the wax lips which offer longer suction, but cause you to gag sooner (steady on). Finally, multiplayer accommodates up to four players, but frustratingly thrusts you into pre-set mini-games without much choice. You can mix and match to create a playlist, but there’s disappointingly no way to save these settings, so you’ll have to recreate them every time. Overall, Pig Eat Ball is solid fun. With tweaks to the multiplayer, it could be a fantastic party game too.