Phogs is a deliriously happy game about a double-headed dog. Playable alone or in co-op, the two sides of the conjoined canine are controlled separately, and must work together in a short series of colourful levels. You'll collect bones, eat treats, stretch out, and bark at everything while you solve basic puzzles. It's a very simple game, but it's executed well.

You'll travel to three worlds themed around food, sleep, and play — a dog's three states of being, of course — and each one contains a handful of stages that force the doggy duo to work together. While there's nothing in the game that'll have you scratching your head for too long, there are some neat and clever solutions. Sometimes it's just a case of pushing a block around, but there are plenty of more inventive environmental puzzles here, and the unique control setup keeps things interesting — especially in co-op. With two players controlling one entity, it means you really do have to cooperate to make progress.

The game leans heavily into its whimsical style, too. Colourful graphics and cute creatures make the world a fun place to explore, and unlockable cosmetics mean you can dress up your doggies as well. The whole thing is just happy, eager to please, and family friendly — like an actual dog, really.