Milo’s Quest could carry the subtitle ‘My First Adventure Game’ and it would all make sense. This straightforward isometric outing sees you take control of a lovingly animated pooch, and sees you embark on an adventure across a colourful landscape filled with marshmallow-shaped ghouls and bricks to push.

It’s probably the most simplistic 16-bit title you’re going to find on the PS4 and PS Vita, and thus the difficulty options – which include circumventing either the combat or puzzles entirely – make sense. You’re going to find next to no challenge here besides the inexplicable absence of a map, but it’s a bright and breezy romp that will almost certainly keep your kids entertained for a few hours.

Of course, there are better games available for this kind of age category, but not at this price point. For a few cents you can score an afternoon’s peace here, and you won’t even want the young'uns to wear headphones because the chiptune soundtrack is a real earworm. This is earnest entertainment – and it’s got one helluva puppy sprite taking centre stage.