Lair of the Clockwork God presents itself predominantly as a point and click adventure game, but doubles up as a 2D platformer. Ben and Dan, who respectively personify these two disparate genres, are the stars of this quirky game, and they must work together in these opposing styles to help save the world from multiple simultaneous apocalypses. It's an odd one, but it honestly works rather well.

Smart controls allow you to swap between the pair, and the game is at its best when you must use both characters in tandem to solve puzzles. Ben can inspect things, pick up objects, and combine items in his inventory in the style of an old-school point and click adventure. Meanwhile, Dan is much more manoeuvrable, handling the platforming side of the game. Strangely, the game separates the pair quite often, leading to essentially two different levels. Individually well designed levels, but this sort of skips the point of the characters working together.

Luckily, any oddities in design are saved by a great script. This is a game that has jokes in abundance, and pretty much all of them land. It's full of dry, British wit and weariness, breaking the fourth wall and poking fun at gaming at every opportunity. Hearing Ben and Dan bicker while trying to save the planet is consistently entertaining, and elevates the experience.

That's not to say the gameplay isn't good. Both sides of the game are fun to play, and again, controls are well thought out, allowing you to hop between the two to make progress. Most interesting is when the duo have an effect on each other, such as crafting upgrades for Dan using Ben's inventory items. There's a lot going on here, and while it's occasionally a little clumsy, its humour and ingenuity make it a success.