Gun Crazy has modest ambitions, meaning you should calibrate your expectations appropriately before giving it a spin. This is a Super Nintendo-esque side-scrolling shooter, in which you commandeer a blue-haired bad ass through a breakneck 30 minute-ish campaign against a variety of tyrannical robots and green blobs.

It features all of the clichés you’d expect from the era: weapon power-ups, mid-stage mini bosses, and a combat gauntlet set in a lift. Fights are frenetic, but the screen can get far too busy at times, making it difficult to read exactly what’s going on. The title also doesn’t do a great job of explaining some of its finer mechanics, such as the melee attack which appears to trigger when it feels like it.

The sprite work is undoubtedly impressive, and the audio is as hyperactive as you’d expect. But this is a wafer-thin experience, with only the draw of a better score to pull you back for a second playthrough. As a piddly, rose-tinted reminder of the retro shooters of old, there’s very little to truly dislike here – but it’s important you know what it consists of before parting with your cold hard cash.