Gravity Error has its heart in the right place. It wants to serve up a compelling puzzling experience rivalling the likes of Super Meat Boy with tough, quick-fire challenges that put you back in the action before you’ve even had chance to register failure. You could say it just about manages to achieve that, but then that would be ignoring everything the game gets frustratingly wrong.

Split into five distinctive chapters, you control a tiny block given the task of navigating its way to each and every level’s exit point while collecting white orbs along the way. Not all of them are within your reach, however, so you’ll need to take advantage of gravity shifting panels that allow you to fly about the area -- making sure to avoid the traps you encounter along the way. It’s definitely not the most original idea the puzzle genre has ever seen, but it works. Buzzsaws put an end to runs, dumbbells flatten any success, and spikes serve up a quick way out.

It’s basic puzzling action that has been done time and time again, so it’s perhaps even more disappointing when you take all of its flaws into account. An absolutely atrocious user interface which looks like it has been adopted from a cheap smartphone game slows the experience to a crawl, while the panels you must place throughout the levels take forever to drag and drop. What's more, unintuitive controls make it tough to work out what you’re selecting on-screen in the first place. It turns a title which should be all about pacey movement into something which operates at a snail’s pace, worsened further by the short two-hour run time.