Fight'N Rage is a fantastic brawler that manages to capture the spirit of classic arcade beat-'em-ups. It's fast, it's punchy, and it's packed with vicious mutants. As soon as you boot it up, it's clear that developer Seba Games Dev has a passion for old school brawlers, but that's not to say the game's lacking an identity of its own. With a trippy colour pallet and some cool character design, it's a title that boasts a surprising amount of personality.

At first, the only game mode open to you is Arcade, which takes you through a number of stages strung together with a simple story. However, there's more depth to this mode than meets the eye thanks to different paths and over 50 endings that change based on your performance and the character that you're playing as. You can rampage through the aforementioned Arcade mode in about an hour on the normal difficulty, but high scores and a crazy number of endings aren't the only reason to keep playing. A robust in-game store tempts you with unlockable modes, characters, skins, and gameplay modifiers, which makes Fight'N Rage feel like a lovingly crafted and generous package.

And then there's the action itself. Fight'N Rage borrows heavily from classics like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, but its combat does a great job of building on the basics without making things too complex. Your fighters have combos, special moves, sprints, evasive hops, aerial attacks, throws, and even parries if you learn to exploit enemy attack patterns. You can definitely button mash your way through much of the game -- on easy and normal, at least -- but pulling off a perfect series of blows and watching your unfortunate foe explode into a pile of bones is seriously satisfying.