Rhythm is your weapon in Aaero, a new high-speed fusion of music, light track running, and weapon combat that blazes across the PlayStation 4 in an attempt to reignite the music game genre. Created by independent two-man studio Mad Fellows, Aaero synthesises frantic sci-fi shooting action with solid rhythm game dynamics, which makes for a really compelling - if slightly short lived - ride.

The gameplay sees you using the left thumb stick to control your ship's flight, while the right stick is for your weapon cross hairs, which you paint targets with before letting rip with missiles - up to a volley of eight at once.

The visuals are compelling and varied as you burn through the various tracks, and the feeling of speed is intense. The satisfaction of taking down waves of enemies while burning through a techno landscape to the sounds of tracks from the likes of Katy B is a massive endorphin rush.

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There isn't a campaign to work through as such, more an unlockable list of tracks, each progressively ramping up the difficult. What's more, boss levels are naturally thrown into the mix, where you'll take on robo-spiders, Dune-esque giant sand worms, and tentacle-rich sea monsters. High scores also play a part, and you'll be rewarded for keeping in time with the beat.

For those who don't have the required skill level, there's a welcome 'Chillout' mode where you can't die, and all tracks are open - perfect for getting to know the music or for just having a blast.


A classy white-knuckle mix of music and action, Aaero delivers a great gaming experience.