If you're a fan of Playdead's mysterious 2.5D puzzle platformers like Inside, you may well be interested in 7th Sector. It follows a similar design template, although instead of playing a young boy, you'll take on the role of, er, an electrical current? It appears the player character is trapped within the electricity grid of some sinister city, and by hopping between wires and other powered objects, you'll make your daring escape.

It's unusual, but it mostly works. You'll make your way through intriguing environments, confined to wires, monitors, and machines as you progress forward. Blocking your path are various puzzles. Some are very simple, but others are incredibly obtuse, and will leave you confused for a good while. Occasionally, trial and error is the best way forward, which rarely feels good. You'll also run into hostile robots and other forces, especially in the game's latter half, but these encounters are more frustrating than thrilling -- death can come quickly, and sometimes it seems there's no way to avoid it.

You can also find optional puzzles throughout which unlock concept art, which is neat, but it can be hard to tell what's optional and what isn't, leading to some easily missed extras. The atmosphere is perhaps the game's best achievement, though, with an ominous synth soundtrack and creepy environmental storytelling going on around you. It does just enough to keep you curious, but it's held back by some overly tough puzzles and enemies. It's not as smooth a ride as Playdead's efforts, then, but it's absolutely singing from the same hymn sheet. If you're into this brand of weird, wordless narrative adventures, it could be worth wiring up to 7th Sector.