How Well Do You Know The Last of Us? Quiz 1

You knew it was coming, didn't you? As The Last of Us: Part II launches, perhaps the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive of all, it's time to test your knowledge of the original game and its DLC -- Left Behind. How well do you know The Last of Us? Do you remember Ellie and Joel's journey across post-apocalyptic America like it was yesterday or has your mind grown a little fuzzy? Let's see.

How Well Do You Know The Last of Us?

The answer is Savage Starlight.


You scored x out of 15.

  • 0-5: Forgotten civilian
  • 6-10: Settlement member
  • 11-15: Post-apocalytpic survivor

So, can you consider yourself an expert on all things The Last of Us? Or do you need to replay the first game before jumping into the sequel? Either way, share your score in the comments below.