Push Square Quiz of the Year 2022
Image: Push Square

Hello! Come in, come in. It's flipping cold out there, isn't it? Well, sit yourself down by the fire, we'll pop the kettle on and fetch you a custard cream or two. While you wait for the weather to calm down, why not have a go at Push Square's PlayStation Quiz of the Year 2022? You're already here, so you may as well.

In this quiz, we'll be taking a look back at what happened throughout the year and testing your memory. We have 20 questions all about stories from 2022, remembering all the biggest news and strangest stories from the last 12 months. Can you recall all the details? Let's go!

Push Square's PlayStation Quiz of the Year 2022

The answer is PlayStation VR2 Sense.


You scored x out of 20.

  • 0-6: PlayStation Novice
  • 7-13: PlayStation Savvy
  • 14-20: PlayStation Encyclopedia

Done! That's it for our PlayStation Quiz of the Year 2022. How did you fare? Has it been a good year on Planet PlayStation? What are your favourite news stories from 2022? Tell us how you got on in the comments section below.