How Well Do You Know PlayStation Studios? Quiz 1

Sony's line-up of first-party developers consistently put out some of the very best experiences in the industry, to the point where it's sometimes tough to compete. Earlier this year, the Japanese giant brought every one of its teams under the same umbrella of PlayStation Studios, but how well do you know those developers? Have you been keeping up to date with all things PlayStation since the launch of the PlayStation 1 or are there gaps in your knowledge? It's time to put you to the ultimate test.

How Well Do You Know Sony's First-Party Studios?

The answer is Omega Boost.


You scored x out of 15.

  • 0-5: Sony newbie
  • 6-10: PlayStation fan
  • 11-15: First-party master

So, how well did you do? Can you consider yourself an official PlayStation fanatic or do you need a bit of a refresher? Either way, let us know how you got on in the comments below.