Here’s a deep cut for the Game Boy Advance enthusiasts among you: retro RPG-cum-shmup mash-up Sigma Star Saga is plotting a comeback on modern platforms. While no specific consoles have been announced just yet, this is part of Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine initiative, so it seems fairly safe to assume that at least PS5 will be among the platforms the 2005 title is being ported to.

Originally developed by WayForward, the interstellar outing promises to take you “across the galaxy to discover new worlds and alien species”. The press release continues: “Featuring a unique mix of top-down planetary exploration and side-scrolling shoot-‘em-up space battles, Sigma Star Saga casts players as Allied Earth Federation pilot Ian Recker, who infiltrates the alien Krill Empire as a double agent in a last-ditch effort to save mankind from their onslaught.”

As you’d expect of WayForward, you’ll find stunning pixel art, tight gameplay, and an earworm soundtrack. Considering original GBA copies of this will cost you upwards of $50 to buy these days, it’ll be nice to see the release resurrected and readily available in a more accessible (and, presumably, affordable) location!