While there’s every chance you’ll have heard of 1995’s iconic horror Clock Tower, you probably haven’t played it. Despite originally launching on the Super Nintendo and then being ported to the PS1, the game’s never actually been officially localised outside of Japan, although a handful of fan translations do still exist.

Nevertheless, here’s your first look at the first ever professionally translated version of the game, scheduled to release later this year on the PS5 and PS4 courtesy of Limited Run Games. The official blurb excitingly introduces: “Play Original mode to experience Clock Tower as it was when initially released in 1995, or play Rewind mode with extra content and improvements. Additional features include a new animated intro, opening and ending vocal theme songs, motion comics, creator interview, art gallery, border artwork, save states, and a music player.”

While reviews weren’t overwhelmingly positive at launch, time has been kind to Clock Tower, and it’s now largely considered something of a pioneer in the survival horror space. Are you counting down the days until you can play this localised version? Cut the comments section with your oversized scissors below.

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