Bloodborne PS4 PlayStation

It's lucky Bloodborne fans are such gluttons for punishment, as the latest cosmic joke at their expense has come from an unexpected angle, this time via the recently restored PS Stars. The Old Hunters DLC appears to have been mistakenly tagged as a PS5 game in the rewards section, available for the low price of just 5,000 points, inevitably allowing some to get their hopes up.

Spotted by PSLS, images quickly began circulating on Reddit, and almost a decade of pent-up angst did the rest. As the outlet points out, The Old Hunters was correctly marked as PS4 content before PS Stars went down, so this is almost certainly just a typo or other error. The MVP comment in the below thread, from Redditor Miserable-Complex172 (who we've decided to trust implicitly), suggests that perhaps beating the game with the wooden shield equipped is how you actually unlock the PS5 version.

Was this truly just a typo, or are we living in a nightmare masquerading as a dream? Make preparations for your own wooden shield playthrough in the comments section below.

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