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Bloodborne is a special game for many people, including FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki. The PS4 exclusive won over legions of new supporters when it launched in 2015, exclusively on Sony's console. It received just a single piece of DLC in the form of The Old Hunters. Players have been begging for more ever since, be it a remaster, port, or sequel.

Miyazaki has long maintained that making a Bloodborne sequel isn't his call, pushing the onus back on Sony, the IP holder. We refuse to believe that no one at the firm is aware of the zeal for more Bloodborne, which is a term that regularly trends on social media ahead of potential gaming showcases. Whatever the reason, Miyazaki recently spoke to Game Informer about the stone-cold classic, encountering a kindred spirit in the process.

When Brian Shea revealed to Miyazaki that Bloodborne was the first From game to click for him, the director enthusiastically replied: "I'm very glad to hear that. Bloodborne is a special game for me as well. I'm very, very happy to hear you say that." Shea asked what it is about Bloodborne, amongst the creator's menagerie of games, that makes it particularly noteworthy.

Miyazaki said: "A couple of reasons. The first one is that it was probably one of the most challenging development cycles we've had from a studio perspective. The second, perhaps bigger element is how personal it was for me in the sense that I've imparted a lot of my own ideas into this game, whether it be the story, the world-building component, or even the game mechanics and game systems that are in place. It is perhaps the strongest reflection of my type of flavouring of a game that one can experience."

Could we get some of that flavouring, perhaps bottled, to sprinkle on our various meals and lesser gameplay experiences? If everybody involved loves Bloodborne so much, and it sold solidly (7.5 million copies as of 2022), then why don't we have more already? Scream into the void in the comments section below.