Sony Trolls Bloodborne Stans with Astro Bot Pre-Order Bonus 1

Update: Pre-orders are now open for Astro Bot on the PS Store and at retail, with the MSRP for the standard edition being £59.99/$59.99 and the Digital Deluxe Edition being £69.99/$69.99. This is cheaper than most tentpole PS5 exclusives.

Original Article: Everyone knows that you don’t trifle with FromSoftware faithfuls on social media – especially not Bloodborne fans. This subtle troll from Sony is sure to elicit the odd frenzy, then, as the Digital Deluxe Edition of Team ASOBI’s adorable platformer Astro Bot includes early access to the Yharnam Hunter outfit for the eponymous hero. Pre-orders will also come with early access to the PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist costume and Glorious Graffiti DualSense Speeder skin.

If you do cough up extra for the aforementioned Digital Deluxe Edition, you’ll also get a Golden outfit for Astro, two more DualSense Speeder skins, an official soundtrack and digital artbook, and 12 PSN avatars, each featuring the protagonist cosplaying as a famous PlayStation character. It’s all charming stuff.

Sony Trolls Bloodborne Stans with Astro Bot Pre-Order Bonus 2

At the time of writing, pre-orders haven’t opened, so we’re still waiting for official pricing information around the world. But the indications coming out of Australia suggest this will be slightly lower-priced than most tentpole PS5 exclusives – and worth every penny, we’re sure.