The creator of some of PSVR2’s best first-person shooters, including Synapse and Fracked, is returning to the well with a neon-soaked arena affair where you duke it out in onesies. FRENZIES – which is getting a closed alpha later this month – is a colourful five-round affair, where the rules are constantly changing, leading to a chaotic online experience where the momentum can shift in a moment’s notice.

“The last thing you can accuse FRENZIES of is being boring,” said Paul Mottram, head of developer Near Light, part of the nDreams family. “Taking inspiration from classics like Quake and Unreal Tournament, we wanted to inject some unpredictable excitement back into the genre while retaining what makes VR shooters so special. We think FRENZIES nails that sweet spot.”

You can see a lot of the Fracked and Synapse gameplay mechanics bubbling beneath the surface of this high-octane trailer; the locomotion, for example, looks on point – while the “grab-to-cover” system appears to be present and correct. We reckon this will be superb fun to play, but we remain unconvinced by the long-term lifespans of online PSVR2 shooters.