Netflix's Horizon Zero Dawn TV Show Reportedly on Ice 1
Image: Push Square

A new report from Rolling Stone claims that the TV adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn is "no longer moving forward".

The news comes as part of a wider story concerning showrunner Steve Blackman; he has been accused of toxic behaviour by several anonymous sources who have worked with him on the show The Umbrella Academy. Projects that Blackman is attached to — one of them being PlayStation Productions and Netflix's Horizon adaptation — have subsequently been shelved. That's according to reporter Cheyenne Roundtree in a follow-up to the main story:

The Horizon Zero Dawn TV series is said to be named Horizon 2074, and apparently will serve as a prequel to the events of the first game. While no details have been officially confirmed as yet, it's said that the series will jump between Aloy's timeline and the time before the apocalypse, exploring the fall of humanity in more detail than the games.

It's not known how far along the show is at this point, or whether it'll continue in its current guise under Blackman. Whatever the case, we've no doubt Sony and PlayStation Productions will want to have things proceed with the series, so we don't expect the show will be fully cancelled.

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