Horizon TV

We've known for a little while now that Sony has a Horizon TV show in the works that will be streaming on Netflix, but precious little else was known about the mysterious project. Until now, that is.

As spotted by journalist Jeff Grubb, and expounded upon by VGC, we know that the show will be called Horizon 2074, that it includes production talent that has previously worked on The Boys (Jack Boem) and The Expanse (Michele Brady), and that the show will film in Toronto.

Grubb subsequently claimed in a recent episode of the Giant Bomb show that Horizon 2074 will take place across two timelines.

“The show as pitched right now is called Horizon 2074 and it will split its time between the timeline you see in the games and the timeline of when things begin to fall,” Grubb said.

“The idea is that this is not a reboot or a remake or sort of a reimagining of the game’s storyline. It will take place parallel and sort of explain other elements that happened in the game.”

It's a pretty intriguing premise and one that would line up with players' expectations, without rehashing the events of Horizon Zero Dawn.

What do you think about the outline of Horizon 2074? Are you excited about Sony's upcoming slate of TV shows? Pontificate with us in the comments section below.

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