Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree PS5 PS4 Push Square

A Song of Ice and Fire author and official Elden Ring lore contributor George R.R. Martin appears to have teased a movie or TV adaptation of the FromSoftware game really could be in the works. Following on from comments made by creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, who didn't see any reason to "deny another interpretation or adaptation of Elden Ring", Martin added more fuel to the fire.

In a new post on his blog, he said: "Oh, and about those rumors you may have heard about a feature film or television series based on ELDEN RING… I have nothing to say. Not a word, nope, not a thing, I know nothing, you never heard a peep from me, mum mum mum. What rumor?"

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Martin's work has been adapted for TV or the big cinema screen, as A Song of Ice and Fire was turned into the Game of Thrones series on HBO to overwhelming success. The TV show even overtook Martin's book writing and came to its own conclusion, with page-turning enthusiasts still waiting for The Winds of Winter to release.

With more than 25 million sales under its belt and the growing success of video game to TV and film adaptations, it's easy to see why something based on Elden Ring would do well even without a controller in your hands. Whether it's a retelling of the already established story or a new tale somewhere else in The Lands Between, there's potential to pitch it as the next Game of Thrones, with its medieval and fantasy focus. Prequel series House of the Dragon has picked up the baton after the main franchise's disappointing TV conclusion, but it's not experiencing quite the same success.

The renewed interest in the Elden Ring IP arrives two years after the base game's release thanks to its PS5, PS4 DLC in Shadow of the Erdtree. Awarded an 8/10 in our review, we concluded: "By doubling down on what made the base game so sublime, FromSoftware has crafted an Elden Ring expansion that's just as great as it is familiar. Shadow of the Erdtree delivers more of the same style of content you loved two years ago rather than introducing new ways to engage." With new content also comes more challenges, so our Elden Ring guide has been expanded to cover the DLC.

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