Elden Ring Sales

Elden Ring is massive. Properly massive. We knew that already, but seeing that the game's just smashed through 25 million sales really hammers it home. The figure was confirmed earlier today by developer FromSoftware, and the crazy thing is that with Shadow of the Erdtree launching next week, those sales numbers are probably in for a bump — especially if the DLC is as well received as the base game.

For additional context, the last update that we got on Elden Ring's commercial success came in February, when it topped 23 million. So that's 2 million sales in the space of about four months. Basically, the open world RPG just hasn't stopped selling since its initial release in 2022. Few games could even dream of hitting 25 million sales, but FromSoftware's struck gold.

Can you see Elden Ring breaking 30 million in the next couple of years? 40 million? Predict the impact of the Erdtree in the comments section below.

[source x.com]