Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games has crushed fans' hopes for a port of Sunset Overdrive coming to PlayStation platforms (anytime soon, at least), as the storied studio has its hands full with Marvel's Wolverine. Originally published by Microsoft and developed while Insomniac was still independent, SIE now owns the IP.

Unprompted, Insomniac shared a clip on Twitter of some of Sunset's excellent respawn animations, which, in turn, prompted questions about a PlayStation port. Asked why they don't simply get it done, the studio explained that: "We're busy with Marvel's Wolverine." Elsewhere in the thread, the developer was asked if a remaster might be in the works. Again, the developer shot down this suggestion: "Nope! Just posting as part of our 30th anniversary retrospective."

Would you be up for Insomniac taking another stab at Sunset Overdrive and bringing the over-the-top action game to PlayStation platforms? Or does it have bigger fish to fry, up to its ears in various Marvel endeavours? Let us know in the comments section below.