Some Dragon's Dogma 2 fans are starting to get their hopes up for a DLC announcement at this week's Summer Game Fest. As always, we'd be somewhat wary of such speculation, but there is decent enough reasoning behind this line of thinking.

The event's promotional trailer — put together by host Geoff Keighley himself — heavily features clips from Dragon's Dogma 2. The open world RPG is shown alongside upcoming games like Star Wars Outlaws, Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero, Phantom Blade Zero, and more. Of course, all of those titles are already confirmed to be putting in an appearance.

So, is it worth getting your hopes up? Well, we know that Capcom likes its expansions, and it feels like Dragon's Dogma 2 could do with a big addition. The only thing that doesn't quite line up is the timing; the game only launched a couple of months ago, and so a full DLC reveal might seem a bit too soon. That said, a launch date later in the year, or in early 2025, would fit Capcom's typical pattern of releasing expansions.

As for the game featuring so prominently in the trailer, there's a chance that Keighley's simply cherry picking from one of the year's biggest titles. After all, the video is partly meant to "celebrate great games so far in 24". Or maybe Geoff's just a massive Dragon's Dogma fan — we don't know.

In any case, we'll have a definitive answer soon enough. Do you believe in a Dragon's Dogma 2 announcement at Summer Game Fest? What do you actually want from an expansion? Level up your vocation in the comments section below.