The new game from the creators of the Danganronpa series will be published by Sony subsidiary Aniplex, although it won’t be available on PS5 at first. While there’s a good possibility The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy will be ported to Sony’s system later, as will be the case with Master Detective Archives: Rain Code in October, the team’s latest title will prioritise Nintendo Switch and PC first.

Described as a strategy game, the title will see you assume the role of teenager Takumi Sumino, who lives in the always-safe Tokyo Residential Complex. However, when monsters wreak havoc on the town one day, Takumi is recruited into the Last Defense Academy, where he’s tasked with keeping the school safe alongside 14 other students for 100 days.

As you’d expect, in addition to the tactical gameplay, you’ll also need to strengthen bonds with your allies, and there’ll be up to 100 different endings depending on the decisions you make. We’ll contact Aniplex to try and find out if a PS5 port is on the cards, although it’s worth pointing out that as the label is situated under the Sony Music umbrella, it operates independently from PlayStation.