And just like that, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE has a PS5 release date. Originally a Nintendo Switch exclusive which launched last year, this re-release is actually called Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Plus, signifying improvements like 4K resolution, "significantly reduced" load times, and the inclusion of all five DLC substories. There's also going to be a new gallery mode that lets you rewatch story cutscenes and listen to music. It arrives on the 1st October.

Meanwhile, pre-orders get a "bonus novel" on PS5, titled 'How to Be a Master Detective: A Halara Nightmare Case' — which is apparently a prequel to the game's main plot. Physical editions get a printed version, while digital editions can download a digital version.

For those totally out of the loop, Master Detective Archives is something of a spiritual successor to the Danganronpa games. However, it's different in that there's fully 3D exploration and wacky action combat. You can get a better idea of what that's like in the above announcement trailer.

Are you looking forward to Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Plus? Wish that the name was just a little bit shorter in the comments section below.