Sony has today announced its handheld streaming device, the PS Portal, will receive a new firmware update tomorrow that brings with it a couple of new features. Most importantly, the wi-fi capabilities of the PS Portal are being expanded to support "select public wi-fi networks". Sony still recommends you use your home Internet setup, but the patch will allow you to log into wi-fi access points where additional steps like logging in are required.

Providing examples such as hotels, airports, and cafes, the PS Portal will display a QR code on the screen when trying to access a public wi-fi network, and you'll be able to complete the verification steps by scanning it using your phone.

PS Portal Push Square 2

Secondly, the firmware update will add visual feedback to the device's touchscreen. When you click on the screen, a small box will appear and it'll replicate the inputs you register to show what it's accepting. Then, you can display a battery meter in the top-right corner of the screen by enabling a new option in the settings.

PS Portal Push Square 3

At the bottom of the PlayStation Blog post outlining the update, it says it's been "overwhelmed with the enthusiastic reactions and the variety of ways our community has been enjoying gaming on PS Portal". More than 60 per cent of PS Portal owners are using Remote Play for the first time via the device, and Sony is seeing "engagement on PS5" boosted for those who bought the handheld. "We’re always grateful to the PlayStation community for embracing our journey as we continue to explore different ways to bring new player experience," VP of product management Hiromi Wakai said.

Sony is on record stating the PS Portal has continued to beat the expectations it set for the device upon its launch last year. Are you happy with these new PS Portal features? Let us know in the comments below.