PS Portal Push Square

Sony's handheld streaming device, the PS Portal, continues to defy the company's expectations as it's revealed demand for the machine has "exceeded supply for several months" in the USA. Responding to a question on Twitter, executive director at Circana (formerly NPD) Mat Piscatella said that while Sony isn't shifting "massive units", the handheld has still done well for itself.

The comment comes after a Sony executive said the firm was actually focusing on "shipping more units consistently". It's not known whether those increased supply chains have kicked into gear yet, but more than two months after the quote, there are still more consumers wanting to buy a PS Portal to go alongside their PS5 than Sony can make them.

More recently, the PS Portal was the best-selling gaming accessory in the USA during February 2024 when ranked by dollar sales. Sony is yet to share any official sales numbers for the device — including today's financial results — but it's clear the handheld keeps on beating expectations.

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