Ex-PS5 Exec Shawn Layden Isn't Holding Back His Feelings on Xbox 1

In the aftermath of its unfathomable $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the top brass at Microsoft has been eager to express its dislike of Sony’s marketing alliance with the Call of Duty franchise. Speaking with IGN, boss Phil Spencer insisted he wants to give players the choice on “how you play your games” and that his company won’t do “slimy platform things”. While he never explicitly mentioned PlayStation, he made barbed comments at the beginning of his firm’s Xbox Showcase, stating “it’s been 10 years since Call of Duty has been in our show [and] it’s been even longer since all Call of Duty players got the same game at the same time” – a clear criticism of Sony’s marketing deal with the series, which has historically featured “platform advantages” like additional modes and features.

These comments attracted the attention of Shawn Layden, the former PlayStation executive who’s held a number of positions across Sony’s gaming empire. Responding to the quotes, he used a viral GIF to express his feelings:

Layden has since gone on to “like” a number of comments on social media, some suggesting Spencer is being a hypocrite. “Phil be talking out of his ass,” one post hearted by Layden reads. “So slimy like buying billion-dollar publishers to try and take more control of the industry,” another one he liked adds. “So much hate.”

Layden, who left PlayStation in 2019, became a firm favourite during the PS4 era, due to his down-to-earth interview style and direct connection with fans. He became particularly popular during Sony’s PSX community events, where he’d regularly rock up in gaming tees and pose for photographs with players. In an era where Sony is perceived to feel distant and out-of-touch with its community, his no-nonsense attitude is clearly missed.

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