Stellar Blade PS5 Quietly Adds Uncensored New Costumes in Controversy Aftermath 1
Image: Push Square

Stellar Blade came under fire at launch when a day one patch altered the look of a couple of Eve’s outfits in the game. Many felt that Korean developer Shift Up had been persuaded by Sony to censor the character, despite the inclusion of other revealing outfits in the game. The studio always maintained that the changes were intentional, although it admitted it would have difficulty proving that to fans.

Well, here’s its attempt: the company has quietly added two new extremely revealing outfits as part of its Boss Challenge patch – neither of which were communicated prior to the update. To reiterate, you automatically unlock both the Black Kunoichi and White Kunoichi when you install the update, while the Neurolink Suit can be obtained by beating all opponents in the new mode. But it never mentioned the inclusion of the Midsummer Alice or Midsummer Redhood, both of which can be purchased from Roxanne in Xion with the patch installed.

These are both variants of some of the more suggestive outfits in the game, with all of the additional, allegedly “censored” material removed. Both appear to be loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood, at least in terms of their flavour text descriptions. If you’d like to learn more about the additions, as well as find a list of All Outfits and How to Get Them, you can refer to our guide.