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With Stellar Blade now out in the wild, impressing players with its action combat and plethora of cosmetic options for protagonist Eve, Shift Up director Kim Hyeong-tae has put a particular conspiracy to bed. Kim says that the redesigns of some Stellar Blade outfits were always intended to be the "final result" and not because of an overbearing Sony intent on censorship.

In an interview with the Korean outlet GameAbout (thanks, GamesRadar+), Kim explains that when it came to designing the protagonist, Eve's pristine fashion sense comes first. Other aesthetic considerations must always be secondary: "I don't think that just because the costumes are vulgar doesn't necessarily mean they're good, so this is something that was modified for quality. As a result, there are parts where eroticism is lessened or emphasized. This is the final product that we want to show as the intended result."

Kim says that adding tights to some outfits or lessening visible cleavage in others wasn't a change made to deny thirsty gamers. Instead, these changes, added in a day one patch, represent the addition of stylish finishing touches meant to take each ensemble to the next level.

What do you think of Kim's reasoning? Are you content with the final state of Eve's outfits? Do you, too, prefer fashion over function when it comes to completing that perfect 'fit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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