PS5's Streaming Handheld PS Portal Is Proving a Huge Hit 1
Image: Push Square

Back when the PS Portal was rumoured and subsequently announced, social media was filled with armchair executives deeming the device to be a disaster. As it turns out, Sony understands the market better than many people think, and its PS5 streaming handheld has become a lynchpin of its new-gen console’s overall experience. According to Circana statistics, the unit was once again the best-selling video game accessory in the United States for the month of April. It’s also the best-selling accessory of 2024 to date.

It’s worth noting that this data is determined by dollar sales, and with a $199.99 price point attached, the PS Portal does have an advantage over other items like the much cheaper DualSense. However, there are other pricey items in the same category, like the premium pro controller DualSense Edge or the various PlayStation branded headphones, all of which are being handily outsold by the portable platform.

Sony has reiterated on multiple occasions that the PS Portal has exceeded its expectations, and given this level of success, we’d expect future consoles to improve massively on the concept. Many feel the Japanese giant would be better served creating a dedicated handheld like the PS Vita, but if it can continue to iterate on its streaming solution, we think Remote Play can plug the gap without demanding additional development resources.