PS5 Sales Reach 59.3 Million as Sony Falls Just Short of Fiscal Year Forecast 1
Image: Push Square

The PS5 is doing fantastically overall, although the console's results for the final quarter of Sony's fiscal year 2023 means it's fallen slightly behind the company's already-lowered forecast. The machine managed to ship 4.5 million units in the three-month period ending 31st March, 2024, bringing its total for FY23 to 20.8 million. This means it's a smidge behind its forecast of 21 million sales.

Still, that figure is still up year-on-year, improving on FY22's unit sales by 1.7 million. It's not the only number on the rise, either; Sony's sales and operating income for FY23 are up 12 percent and five per cent respectively, meaning the company is in pretty good health overall. As it looks ahead to FY24, Sony forecasts a fairly static revenue figure, but expects profits to continue to grow.

Launch aligned with PS4, the PS5 is lagging behind a little. Sony's last-gen console was at 60.2 million in the equivalent year of its lifespan, so it's not lightyears ahead of PS5, but it is ahead.

As always, software sales can be a big contributor to hardware sales, and with the smash hit Helldivers 2 becoming Sony's fastest selling game ever and more still to come — including Concord, which is still slated for 2024 — there's still plenty of room for PS5 to catch up.

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