Sony Slashes PS5 Forecast to 21 Million for Fiscal Year 1

As reported earlier today, Sony shipped 8.2 million PS5 consoles during the three-month period ending 31st December, 2023 – a very good number which contributed to record-breaking revenue, but not enough to help it reach its forecast of 25 million units for the current financial year. Thus far, it’s sold 16.4 million units, and subsequently it’s revised its forecast down to 21 million.

That means it needs to sell 4.6 million units during the three-month period ending 31st March, 2024, which is still a lot but achievable.

Obviously, this will be reported as a massive misfire from Sony, but it’s perhaps worth remembering that the target was always incredibly ambitious to begin with. If it achieves its revised 21 million units target, that’ll still be a huge achievement for the PS5 – although it’s clear now that the stock shortages following the pandemic have impacted PlayStation’s ability to improve on the PS4.

The bigger concern for the Japanese giant at this point will be its razor-thin margins, which don’t give it much flexibility at all. While the division is generating record-breaking revenue, it’s spending exorbitantly to get there, and one minor hiccup could plunge it into the red. It’s something the organisation will need to address moving forwards.