Helldivers 2 on PS5, PC Is Sony's Fastest Selling Game of All Time 1

This author’s got to put his hands up: there are Slack chat records of me saying Helldivers 2 would be a total and utter sales flop. As it happens, the release has now cemented itself as Sony’s fastest selling first-party title of all time, netting 12 million units in 12 weeks across PS5 and PC, accurate as of 5th May. That beats God of War Ragnarok’s record of 11 million units in 10 weeks.

The company said that the Arrowhead outing has “far exceeded expectations”, and while there was controversy surrounding the release earlier this month regarding a mandatory PSN login on PC, the firm ultimately reversed its stance, calming many of the title’s outspoken fans down. It stands to reason that with continued live service support this will go on to become one of PlayStation biggest ever titles.

There will be questions about what this means for its strategy moving forwards, though: Helldivers 2 launched on PC alongside the PS5 and found tremendous success on platforms like Steam. Will this encourage Sony to release more of its first-party software outside of PlayStation – or will it stick to its original plan of late ports for anything outside of the live service category?

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