UK-based studio Media Molecule is one of Sony's most inventive, spearheading a 'Play Create Share' philosophy that brought us LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway, and Dreams. Now that work on the latter is all tied up, the team is moving onto its next big project, and little has been made public about it. However, co-founder and former creative director, Mark Healey, has given us a sliver of insight as to what it will be.

As part of an interview with MinnMax (time-stamped above), Healey was asked about the studio's future, and his answer sheds a little light on what it's working on. "I think it's in good hands now," he says, admitting he doesn't know "exactly what state" Media Molecule's next effort it in currently. However, he does reaffirm that it's a new IP, and goes on to say that, from what he understands, it's "more of a game than a creative tool".

For all that it does brilliantly, Dreams was the least "gamey" game the team has made yet. Media Molecule did produce several great (but short) games within it, but was first and foremost intended to be a place for user-made content to run wild and free. It sounds like its next project will be a somewhat more traditional game.

Media Molecule's current creative director is John Beech, who last led development of Tren, a made-in-Dreams game that's well worth playing. It'll be very interesting to see what his creative vision brings to a full-blown, standalone title.

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